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Tinol Paints

TINOL Paints (Tincolor, color shades for professionals, standard color shades)

Tinol has established over the years a solid reputation for offering the best paints and coatings with superior performance, and durability.

  • Heavy-duty industrial coatings and paints
    1. Polyurethane solvent-based coatings
    2. Epoxy solvent-based coatings
    3. Epoxy water-borne coatings
    4. Epoxy solvent-free coatings
    5. Chlorinated rubber coatings
    6. Acrylic/chlorinated rubber paints
  • Floor coatings and traffic paints
    1. Polyurethane solvent-based floor coatings
    2. Polyurethane solvent-free floor coatings
    3. Epoxy solvent-bearing coatings
    4. Epoxy solvent-free floor coatings
    5. Epoxy water-borne floor coatings
    6. Acrylic/chlorinated rubber floor coatings
    7. Acrylic water-based floor coatings
    8. Road and airfield marking paints
    9. Road and airfield stud adhesives
  • Fire retardant and specialty coatings
    1. Fire retardant and high heat resistant coatings
    2. Special coatings
      1. Swimming pool paints
      2. Fluorescent paints
      3. Insecticidal lacquers
      4. Concrete admixture
  • Decorative and architectural paints and varnishes
    1. Emulsion paints and coatings
      1. Acrylic vinyl and latex emulsion paints
      2. Highly decorative emulsion coatings and paints
      3. Pure acrylic emulsion paints
      4. Textured and scratched emulsion paints
      5. Emulsion sealers, undercoats and putty filler
    2. Enamel solvent-based paints and varnishes
      1. Polyurethane/ alkyl solvent-based paints and varnishes
      2. Alkyd solvent-based paints and varnishes
      3. Acrylate polymer (pliolite) solvent-based paints
      4. Acrylate polymer (pliolite) solvent-based texture coatings
      5. MI, aluminum and metallic paints
      6. Solvent-based undercoats and primers
      7. Polyvinyl buteral pre-treatment primers
  • Automotive paints and baking coatings
    1. Air drying automotive coatings and machinery paints
    2. Baking enamel coatings
  • Waterproof coatings and sealants
    1. Acrylic water-borne coatings
    2. Silane siloxane water repellent
    3. Polyurethane solvent-based coatings
    4. Polyurethane solvent-free coatings and joint sealant
    5. Epoxy tar solvent-free coating