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Rodoco is the sole dealer and distributor of Fosroc in Lebanon, Fosroc is a world leader in the delivery of tailored Constructive Solutions for virtually any type of construction project, combining high quality products, expert technical support, customer service and innovation.

At the cutting edge of chemical technology, Fosroc specialise in sealants, waterproofing, concrete repair, grouts and anchors, concrete admixtures and pipeline coatings. With a comprehensive range of products and a highly developed global network, Fosroc offers a high quality solution for virtually any job, whatever the scale. .

  • Nitobond EP - Epoxy-resin concrete bonding agent
  • Nitobond EP is based on solvent-free epoxy resins containing pigments and fine fillers. It is supplied as a two-part material in pre-weighed quantities ready for onsite mixing and use. Coloured components, white base and green hardener, provide visual evidence that adequate mixing is achieved.
    1. Can be applied to dry or damp surfaces
    2. High mechanical strength
    3. Good positive adhesion
    4. Can be applied where a substrate/repair barrier is required
    5. Standard and slow set grades
  • Nitomortar PE - Polyester Resin, high srength, fast curing repair and adhesive compound
  • Nitomortar PE is a resin jointing and repair compound, based on a polyester resin system. There are two grades. Nitomortar PE: The standard material for general purpose use. Nitomortar PE Concrete: A special grade allowing users to add suitable aggregate, thereby substantially reducing the cost of infilling larger voids. Winter versions of Nitomortar PE is available which are faster setting at low ambient temperatures. Both grades of Nitomortar PE are supplied as two-component products with pre-weighed quantities of liquid resin and powdered hardener, ready for on-site mixing and use. The hardener system enables the mix to be varied from a pourable consistency to a trowellable mortar without significantly affecting the setting times or strengths achieved.
    1. Fast development of strength minimises disruption — stronger than concrete within 2 hours
    2. No primer required
    3. High chemical and oil resistance
    4. Extremely versatile — can be poured, trowelled or modified with aggregate without significantly affecting setting times or strengths
    5. Extremely low wastage due to ability to mix part packs to consistencies required
    6. Will cure down to 0°C
    7. Pre-weighed components ensure consistency
  • Nitomortar S - High strength, abrasion-resistant epoxy reinstatement mortar
  • Nitomortar S is a high strength epoxy mortar, based on a high quality solvent-free epoxy resin system. The special silica aggregates provide high strength and excellent abrasion resistance. Nitomortar S is a three-component material supplied in pre-weighed quantities ready for on-site mixing and use.
    1. High ultimate strength — suitable for structural use
    2. Early development of strength minimises disruption
    3. Abrasion-resistance — suitable for heavily trafficked areas
    4. Highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals
    5. Cured product is highly impermeable to water when 'tight trowel' finished
    6. Typically twice as strong as good quality concrete
    7. Pre-weighed components ensure consistency
  • Renderoc LA - Single component, free-flowing, low alkali micro concrete
  • Renderoc LA shrinkage compensated, micro concrete (R4) is designed for large volume repairs typically in excess of 50 mm deep. The product can be applied in sections generally up to 150 mm thick although greater thickness may be achievable dependent on the configuration of the repair location and the volume of exposed reinforcing steel.
    1. Maximum compatibility with concrete of compressive strength 30 - 60 MPa
    2. Dual expansion system compensates for shrinkage in the plastic and hardened states
    3. Low alkali content minimises risk of alkali-silica reaction
    4. Exceptional bond to concrete substrates without independent primer
    5. Suitable for placement by pumping or pouring techniques into restricted locations
    6. Self-compacting nature eliminates honeycombing and displaces air without vibration
    7. High strength and low permeability provide maximum protection against carbon dioxide and chlorides
    8. Pre-bagged to overcome site-batched variations — only the site addition of clean water is required
    9. Contains no chloride admixtures
  • Nitoprime Zincrich - Single component epoxy zinc primer
  • Nitoprime Zincrich is the recommended anti-corrosion primer for exposed steel reinforcement for use with Fosroc concrete repair mortars. The product actively resists corrosion within the confines of the epair location and avoids the generation of incipient anodes in immediately adjacent locations.
    1. Active' zinc-rich system combats corrosion by electrochemical means
    2. Formulated for use with Renderoc repair products
    3. Single component product — easy to use with no restrictive pot-life
    4. Time saving — touch dry after 15 to 45 minutes
    5. Economical — single component ensures almost no waste
  • Patchroc GP - Fast setting emergency patching mortar for concrete pavements and floors
  • Fast setting emergency patching mortar for concrete pavements and floors conforming to the requirements of BS EN 1504-3 Class R4. Patchroc GP is supplied as a ready to use blend of dry powders which requires only the site addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent repair mortar. It is based on Portland cements, graded aggregates, and chemical additives providing a mortar with good handling characteristics while minimising water demand. The low water requirement ensures good strength gain and long-term durability. Patchroc GP is designed for horizontal use. It may be applied up to a maximum thickness of 100mm. Thicker sections can be built up in layers. Material should not be applied at less than 12 mm thickness. Individual bay sizes should not exceed 4m².
    1. Rapid strength gain — will generally accept traffic in 2 hours.
    2. High strength, abrasion and weather resistance
    3. One component, pre-bagged to overcome site-batched variations requires only the site addition of clean water
    4. Excellent bond to the concrete substrate
    5. Shrinkage compensated
    6. Contains no chloride admixtures
  • Renderoc FC - Single component polymer modified cementitious fairing coat conforming to the requirements of BS EN1504-3 Class
  • Renderoc FC cementitious, polymer modified, fairing coat is designed for vertical and overhead use to infill honeycombing and voids up to 3 mm deep in the surface of concrete which is not trafficked and is subsequently coated. Renderoc FC is supplied as a ready to use blend of dry powders requiring only the site addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent cementitious fairing mortar. The material has good handling characteristics, while minimising water demand.The product exhibits excellent thermal compatibility with concrete and is fully compatible with other Renderoc mortars and Dekguard coatings.
    1. Compatibility with non-structural concrete of compressive strength 20 - 35 MPa
    2. Polymer-modification provides extremely low permeability to water, carbon dioxide and chlorides
    3. Excellent bond to concrete
    4. Can be applied quickly and efficiently
    5. One component, pre-bagged to overcome site-batched variations
    6. Contains no chloride admixtures