Home Solutions

We provide a wide range of home improvement and decorative products. We offer both local and international brands...

Safety Equipments

Companies and individuals can benefit from our safety equipment product line. We offer all kinds of professional safety and protection products ranging from helmets, boots, uniforms...

Professional Services

We bring you the best quality products for construction and building. We offer paint, construction and industrial solutions such as concrete repair...

Sample Station within your reach
Over 100 painted samples & wall display with 940 shades


Bosch, a leading global group for innovative products, offers high quality reliable professional power tools and many other accessories.

  • Power Tools
    1. Digital measuring tools
    2. Cordless tools
    3. Drills/Impact Drills/Screwdrivers
    4. Rotary hammers and demolition hammers
    5. Diamond technology
    6. Working on metal
    7. Working on wood
    8. Sawing
    9. Bench-mounted tools
    10. Dust Extractors, blower, heat guns
  • Precision and Functionality Products
    1. Detectors
    2. Point, line and rotation lasers
    3. Optical levels
    4. Laser range finders
    5. Angle measures and inclinometers