Home Solutions

We provide a wide range of home improvement and decorative products. We offer both local and international brands...

Safety Equipments

Companies and individuals can benefit from our safety equipment product line. We offer all kinds of professional safety and protection products ranging from helmets, boots, uniforms...

Professional Services

We bring you the best quality products for construction and building. We offer paint, construction and industrial solutions such as concrete repair...

Sample Station within your reach
Over 100 painted samples & wall display with 940 shades

Interior Works
Bringing you a wide variety of unique international decorative products

Rodoco Interior Works brings you a wide variety of unique international decorative products to suit your needs. We provide recognized brands that are world-market leaders in the manufacturing of design sheets for the whole interior decoration and design sector, for you to use in many ways.

Rodoco Interior Works also offers you a wide choice of high quality international products that could be used to embellish your house, office, or even organization, such as wallpaper, blinds, stretch ceiling, floor coverings, curtain glass, gypsum board, and many other finished and technical solutions.

  • - Wallpaper
  • - Blinds (regular and innovative automatic controls of opening and closures)
  • - Stretch Ceiling (innovative and unique interior layouts and decoration solutions)
  • - Floor and Wall Coverings (provided by well-known experienced companies in cooperation, offering the best European products)
      1. Hardwood floor
      2. Laminate
  • - Commercial Flooring Solutions: For Professional Applications
      1. Contract flooring
      2. Sports flooring
      3. SPM Wall protection and handrails
  • - Curtain Glass: For balcony and side glass enclosure solutions against noise, rain and wind)
  • - Gypsum Board: Rodoco provides international brands for decorative easy-fit mouldings, skirtings, and ceiling centers. The different products available offer solutions for the house and around it, industries and packaging, and even for leisure and gardens.
  • - Finished and Technical Solutions: Maintenance, repair, and operations